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Endeavor has specialized in providing service to underserved communities in Indiana for over 65 years and has gained the reputation of being an expert in fiber optic deployment. In early 2016, it completed a 10-year fiber build out for their members’ communities burying more than 2,300 miles of mainline fiber and placing over 13,000 service drops in nine different Indiana service exchange areas.

Fiber optics technology is truly an amazing data transmission method. It utilizes different wavelengths of light to transmit data through a strand as thin as a human hair, allowing much more information to be transmitted and with less interference than with traditional copper wire. This translates into to crystal clear telephone service, blazing-fast gigabit internet, pristine HD television and video on demand clarity, wireless connectivity, and quality security and medical alert services

Endeavor Fiber Availability

Endeavor is 100% fiber to the home, providing the bandwidth needed to deliver Gigabit internet speeds with the ability to deploy higher speeds in the future.”

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