Fiber Optics Technology

Endeavor began its fiber optic construction in 2005 to bring our cooperative members the latest in telecommunications technology. This rebuild of our copper system will not only allow us to bring you the entertainment and communications products of today, it will also prepare us for any new technological developments in the future.

Fiber optics technology utilizes different wavelengths of light to transmit information through a strand similar to a human hair, allowing much more information to be transmitted and with less interference than with traditional copper wire. For our members, this translates into crystal-clear telephone reception, fast internet connections and browsing speeds, and television with High Definition (HD) programming, Video on Demand, Whole Home DVR (WHDVR) and even Endeavor E-SHIELD™ security service.

All nine of our exchanges can now experience the benefits of having fiber technology in the home.  With this investment in our infrastructure, we’re ready for anything.

For more information about our fiber optics deployment, call 765.795.4261 or Toll-Free at 1.800.922.6677.

Fiber Availability Map