Broadband Only FAQ’s

Q: Will this affect my membership?

A: No, that is the reason for the bylaw change is so we have the flexibility for our members to be members regardless if they subscribe to our phone service or Internet service. You will no longer be required to have phone service if you want just the Internet.

Q:  When can I subscribe to the standalone internet?

A:  Currently the FCC continues to make changes to the Internet only rules. Once these rules are finalized and it is beneficial to the cooperative and to the members we will make it available by location.

Q:  If I am in a package with a contract will I be eligible to switch to the standalone internet?

A:  Yes

Q:  Will standalone broadband have any mandated fees?

A: Yes

Q:  Do I have to change to broadband only?

A:  No

Q:  Can I keep my phone number if I move to the internet only option?

A:  Yes, we can port it to a Voice Over Internet Phone.

Q:  What is a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone?

A:   It uses the Internet to make and receive phone calls. There will be no long-distance charges for calls within the lower 48 states.

Q:  What happens to my phone number if I go to stand alone internet?

A:  If you choose to remove your landline phone service, you can either forfeit your current number or “port” to a mobile or Voice Over Internet Phone

Q:  Is Lifeline available on the standalone internet?

A:  Lifeline is a government assistance program that offers a discount to qualified customers on their monthly telephone or internet service.  If you choose to remove your phone service your lifeline assistance will be applied toward your standalone internet service.

Q:  What happens to my television pricing?

A:  This change will have no effect on television pricing.