Broadband Only FAQ’s

  • When can I have just Internet without having to pay for the phone line?
    Endeavor continues to work with the FCC (Federal Government) to make this a reality. We still
    don’t have a set timeframe in place, but Endeavor will have a plan in place ready to go for the
    conversions once we are permitted. Please refer to our website for further details on this topic.
  • Why do I have to have a landline?
    All Endeavor Members are required to have a landline phone based on the FCC (Federal
    Government) regulations. Endeavor is currently working with the FCC to move to Consumer
    Broadband Only Loop (CBOL) regulation which will allow us to provide internet without
    traditional phone service.
  • Why is everywhere I call long distance?
    Long distance calling for traditional phone services are based on boundaries that were set by the
    FCC. Once we can move to Voice Over IP many of the extra charges for this type of calling will be
  • Can I still have a phone with Broadband Only?
    Yes, any customer wishing to have a phone line will be eligible to do so whether you stay on your
    traditional package or move to broadband only.
  • Will prices drop once television is no longer provided?
    Overall pricing once television is removed will not be reduced but there will be other pricing
    changes that may save the consumer money based on Broadband Only offerings.
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