How to Get a $100 Bill Credit


Do you have a story about how Endeavor has helped your household? Did you suffer from slow buffering speeds before Endeavor came? Constantly fighting the router to give you consistent and reliable internet? Did Endeavor change your experience?

If you answered yes, then you are the perfect candidate to share your story for others to see.

As you may know, many people rely on online reviews. They are important for decision making!

Why are they important?  Human psychology is such that we make decisions based on what is likely to be the safest, most positive outcome. Others going first is a big part of that decision.

It comes from the herd mentality of our ancestors.  (Stay close to your tribe, you are much less likely to be Tony the Tiger’s supper that evening.)

Think of it this way…If you are in a new town and looking for a place to eat…Are you going to the restaurant with two cars in the lot (probably the server and the cook) or 20?

Depends if you are looking for the quick slim down method called food poisoning.

Or if you went to a crowded beach and no one was in the water, would you go running in? Or would you first wonder why there was no one swimming in there?

Perhaps Jaws was spotted moments ago?

This is why we need your help! We would love if you would leave us a positive review on our Facebook or Google page.

Give others the help they need to find the best internet service.

As a thank you for your time, every three months, we choose a recipient from our reviews to receive a $100 Bill Credit. It could be you!

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