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Blaze TV
Programming Changes to
Subscription Only

NCTC recently informed Endeavor that Blaze TV Channel 80 will no longer be available for our customers. 

This decision was made by Blaze Media, not Endeavor; and affects all other companies that are offering this channel to their customers. Blaze will only offer subscription service.

The official shutdown date we have been given is 12/31/2019. 

Our customers can still get Blaze TV with Blaze Media’s online subscription service, at 

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Cozi TV Switching to
Lifestyle Channel Programming

As of January 1st, programming for channel 13.2 is changing.  WTHR, not Endeavor, made this decision. 

The new programming, called “DABL”, is a lifestyle channel with shows like Sell This House, The Martha Stewart Show, and Essence of Emeril

We are working with Minerva to resolve the TV guide information for the new programming. We can not guarantee that the programming and guide will be in-sync by January 1st. 

You can find our more about the channel at by clicking above.



WTWO Terre Haute
NBC, Fox News & Sports.
New Agreements

Due to our negotiations, we are happy to announce that WTWO Terre Haute will remain on our programming. Fox News (CH 87) & Sports (Ch 40) & Fox Business Network (CH88) will also be available to our customers. Our customers & members can now select how to get the FOX stations with an online subscription streaming service or on our channels. 

NBC had already put a 90% increase in their last contract. They wanted an additional 80% price hike which is an unreasonable amount to have to pass-through to you our members. We have successfully navigated to reach an agreement. 

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Please understand streaming services do not belong to Endeavor. We can not provide technical support for streaming. You may attend our Speed Geeks sessions to learn more about streaming.

Thank You, Endeavor.
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