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  • A sensible plan for everyday usage.
  • Basic Streaming online.
  • TV & downloading music/movies.
Best for everyday normal usage.
extreme 1
300 MBPS*
  • Snappy speeds that only take a few minutes to download an HD movie.
  • Solid TV streaming.
  • Good for 3+ connected devices.
  • Become massively productive in your tasks
Best for HD movie & TV streamers.
  • One of the fastest in the USA!
  • Connect 5+ devices
  • Stream 4k
  • Video Conferencing
What limits? Your next movie? Boom! Downloaded in under 2 minutes. Best for gaming and downloading multiple videos simultaneously.

Only $9.99

  • Unlimited Long Distance Calling
  • Handy App to Access Your Phone while you are away.
  • Full List of Features includes, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding.
Incredible New Phone Option! Our business level Internet based phone system in your home.

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