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Galaxy S8

Many times an unknown issue can be caused by outdated software. It is a good idea to load the software updates on your phone.

Click these links to get the latest software update.

Android: Each Android phone is different and operates with a varying degree of systems. In general, you can go into your settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen. You are looking for a menu option called “system updates.” Click and the system will notify you of any new updates. You then have the option of selecting that item to update your software.


Getting Facebook set up on your phone is a simple process of downloading the Facebook app and signing in.

Here is a visual way of doing that process.

Sync Android with Facebook  

Set Up Facebook on iPhone

If you need additional support you can put your question in here.



To set your phone up for getting your email, you will need your iEndeavor account and password.

Access your setting tab on your phone. Look for either accounts & passwords, or Mail/Contacts/Calendar depending on the version of your phone.

Once you find a list of your accounts add the new email account.

Here are additional resources that may assist you.

Android Email Set Up

iPhone Email Set Up

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