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We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. It’s exhausting, it’s persistent, and it comes at just the wrong time . . . burnout.

Helpguide.org defines burnout as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” This happens when we’re feeling overwhelmed and helpless to meet the requirements of everyday life.

Burnout can negatively impact someone’s productivity, energy, motivation, and even relationships if not properly taken care of. Harvard Business Review claims that burnout is the “epidemic of the modern workplace.”

“What’s the difference between burnout and stress?”

We’re glad you asked!

Stress is caused by too many external pressures that make an individual feel like they’re losing control. Burnout, on the other hand, is an extreme form of stress where someone cannot see a way out of the overwhelming situation they’re in. The difference between the two is more mental than anything.

There are three main areas where burnout can occur, according to the helpguide article. The categories include: the workplace, lifestyle habits, and even personality.

In the workplace, the lead-up to burnout can happen through demanding responsibilities or lack of, intense competition among coworkers, or even a dwindling sense of appreciation.

Lifestyle burnout occurs when someone remains unbalanced. This can be ascribed to a lacking support group, overworking with little “down time,” or sleep deprivation.

Personality traits can lead to burnout at different rates and avenues as well. This can be seen through perfectionistic or highly-driven individuals, those seeking to control their lives, or even introvert/extrovert tendencies.

As in every workplace, at Endeavor we have employees that are overwhelmed in one way or another. We care about the well-being of all our staff and customers, so here are some of helpguide and hbr.org’s recommendations to fight the effects of burnout.

  1.     Creating Support.

People need people. None of us can do this alone. Thriving relationships that we can give and receive from are what make life worth living. Creating support through relationships can come by increased interaction with coworkers, finding a community group or cause to get involved in, or even evaluating what current relationships aren’t helping anymore.

Who is someone you’re comfortable reaching out and talking with?

  1.     Reframe Work.

Helpguide stated multiple times the importance of considering mindset for any responsibility or action, and work is a large part of that. Looking for value, balancing with everyday life, and even allowing for relaxation can lead to a healthier view of what a job is and has to offer us. HBR suggests that employees search to connect their work with a personal goal.

What’s one way you can make your work more meaningful?

  1.     Solidifying Priorities.

Our priorities, much like mindset, greatly impact our lives. To live healthily takes intentionality and organization. Firmly holding boundaries between work, life, responsibility, and leisure will help schedule a balanced lifestyle. Taking time to be creative and relax are crucial for recharging the emotional and mental aspects of our minds. 

HBR recommends taking breaks throughout the workday and putting electronics away when possible. Social psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson commented that, “We’re surrounded by devices that are designed to grab our attention and make everything feel urgent.” Eating green, exercising, and adequate sleep are essential too – don’t forget!

Where is one area that you could be firmer in self-care?

Click HERE to read the article from helpguide.org.

Click HERE to read the article from hbr.org.

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