“Why do Farmers Need the Internet?”

If you asked a person who has lived their whole life in an urban area about the country, they may have preconceived ideas about what it’s like.  Maybe they’ll say its full of tractors and southern accents, or that there’s nothing but corn and wheat and smells like manure everywhere.  Maybe they’ll just chuckle in awe that there’s only one movie theater in town . . . and that it has a total of three showing rooms. 

I met a guy from Los Angeles last year that had never seen farm animals in real life.  He’d never seen a chicken, pig or cow.  You’ve never seen a chicken?  Now that’s crazy! 

Those that haven’t lived in rural areas might wonder why we need Internet if we’re simply a bunch of farmers who go on late-night drives in our pickup trucks and read books for fun. 

The COVID-19 pandemic put everything in perspective.  According to a survey by the Pew Research Center in April (2020), 53% of Americans say that Internet access has been essential during these times of uncertainty. 

Another Pew survey done in March concluded that 93% of adults believe a connection interruption while working remotely would cause major problems.  This includes the need for messaging, search engine information, social media, and medical professional calls.  A quarter of those surveyed said they use video conferencing programs regularly. 

The demographics for how people view the Internet vary based on age and location.  52% of adults ages 65 and over solely use the internet for information, 64% ages 50-64 use it to share posts, and 80% under 50 use the internet for daily social media intake and information. 

In cities, over 50% of people believe a loss of internet or phone connection would disrupt daily life heavily during Coronavirus.  Rural populations aren’t far behind, with a total of 39% claiming it would be a major issue for their lifestyle as well. 

Internet does a few key things for its users.  For one, during quarantine, it has provided contact with family and friends.  While only 20-30% say over-the-screen calling is like in-person contact, having quality time with safe and available outlets is essential.  We’re communal creatures, after all! 

High-speed internet also helps those working remotely by providing issue-free connection.  This includes businessmen, students, teachers, and doctors. 

The need for current information affects almost every area of our lives – powering our GPSs, our recipe Google searches in the grocery store, mobile banking, and messaging the bakery what time we’re able to get donuts. 

Throughout rural Americacitizens access the Internet to look up the weather forecast for the weekend, check stock market ratesand keep up with news outlets.  Farmers especially use the Internet to see how agricultural stock is doing and identify locations to sell their goods.  For the everyday rural community, the Internet comes in handy with music streaming, mobile ordering and reservations at restaurants, and communication between department store clerks. 

I grew up in rural Ohio, and without stable Internet services, many areas of my life would’ve suffered.  Browsing Facebook events has kept me up to date on current, local events to attend or support.  Having at-home broadband has allowed me to get all my coursework done effectively – which was critical as we finished the semester online.  And especially during these past few months of quarantine, it has been pivotal to use video conference calling to stay in contact with family, friends, and colleagues. 

No matter whether we live between skyscrapers or crop fields, everyone in the 21st century benefits from high-speed internet. 

A Pew article from 2019 found that at-home broadband desire is increasing; a survey of 1,500 adults concluded that in 2018 65% had Internet at home while in 2019 it jumped to 73%. 

With Endeavor, we ensure that rural Indiana communities have the quality internet they need to live well and stay connected.  In our fast-paced world, life doesn’t slow down to match the speed of your current Internet provider. 

But have no fear.  Endeavor is here! 

Contact us today to start the process of getting Internet that will never leave you waiting on the loading page. 


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