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Are we there yet?

Long trips typically beg the question, “are we there yet?” In bringing fiber to your area we hear, “when will we get service?”

Fiber, it’s all the talk of the town. Your neighbor may brag about their new Endeavor giga-bit service. Yet, how do you get the supersonic internet for your company or residence? This is the process.

Here’s a handy way of understanding how fiber services roll out. We announce an area where we hope to provide future service. The first step is to register interest, then once enough names are gathered, we turn to installations. Rolling trucks in the community is a sign we are on the move. Shortly after, new customers are streaming off the lines.

Check the color system to know your neighborhood/area status.

Orange: Interest gathering.  Registering that you wish to explore our service comes with no obligation but states you would like to see us service your area. We must reach a “goal” to move into the building process. The “goal” reached brings on the installations.

Blue: Planning. Our engineers are scoping out the upcoming build to follow.

Yellow:  Construction. Trucks are putting fiber in the area.

Green: Installing. Green signifies “Go”. Ready?

How long will this take? It will go faster, the sooner you get registered. Take a look on our registration page at your area status color to know what phase is in motion. Our trucks are revving up. If your area is already rolling out, complete the information to be included. Use the form from this link. Zoom!

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For the personal touch, or specific questions, call Scott at 765-721-3122