Understanding Your Bill

General: While the fees and taxes are primarily mandated regulatory fees, you do receive
benefits from the participation in them like, lower fees, infrastructure use, and emergency

Access Residential Charge— C: Covering your use of Endeavor’s local network is the Access
Residential Charge.

Interstate Access— C: Getting reliable networks across state boundaries built & maintained is
supported by the Interstate Access fee. It is a mandated charge by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) to all telephone companies to recover construction & maintenance costs for
interstate networks.

Intrastate Access—
Building costs for improving and maintaining telephone networks within Indiana are Mandated
by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to recover costs for construction &
maintenance of intrastate telephone networks (within Indiana).

Federal Universal Service Fee (FUSC)—
Keeping your rates affordable is the aim of this (FCC) national program to minimize the rates in
high cost areas.

Indiana Universal Service Fee (IUSC)—
Everyone whether in a remote area or large city should receive comparable services at
comparable prices is the aim of this program.

Dual Party Relay—
Your fee aids in providing telephone service for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech
impaired. This surcharge supports the Indiana Telephone Relay Access Corporation (InTRAC) a
not-for-profit corporation.

Your emergency 911 statewide services result from fees for each of your devices. For $1.00 per
landline, lifeline, VoIP, or wireless device, you are ensured of these emergency services.


Your first bill may appear to be higher than the average monthly bill because it includes a one-
month advance and proration for services up to the beginning of your bill cycle. It might also
include a one-time installation or account activity fee if applicable.

Adjustments to your account for adding new or removing services change the amount your 1stbill after the change.

Protecting your sensitive information is important to us. Since we record your calls, we can’t
take bank information over the phone. You have several other options to pay on your self-serve
SmartHub account or app.

Any change in service means that we must act on your behalf that isn’t a normal part of our
servicing of your account.

If you downgrade to a lower speed or do not complete your contract you are subject to extra

Removing long distance calls from your account does not incur a fee.

Bundling contracts offer customers lower rates on services over a period. Should you cancel
services during the contract period then the early term fee covers the expenses incurred by Endeavor.

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