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Keep your router up to date on the latest firmware for a better connection and faster wireless internet speeds. 

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You can click here to see the status of any current outages. 

You have greater options using providers who specialize in Security.

You have greater options using providers who specialize in mobile phones.

We like helping you use our Internet with your devices and please join our Speed Geek program
to get help. The hardware maintenance cost and liability for Endeavor became too encompassing for
Endeavor to be able to provide a valued service.

Reaching rural customers is a priority for both Hendricks Power and Endeavor. By working
together, we will be able to offset the costly projects together and provide fast reliable Internet for
many fellow Hoosiers. It is also an opportunity to expand our customer base to share in the cost
of your network and to keep our services competitively priced for our members.

Need additional assistance?

Email an Agent
Speed Geeks Community Desk
4-6pm second Thursday of each month
2 S. West St. Cloverdale, IN
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Your Broadband Fixed in 24 Hours, or Your Service is Prorated for the Duration of the Outage.*

*Disclaimer: “This offer excludes outages caused by natural disasters, issues beyond the control of Endeavor, or acts of God. Endeavor must be notified of the outage within normal business hours and the customer must be able to schedule service within the applicable window.”

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