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Disconnection Issues

Rarely are there times where our lines are cut but it can happen. Fiber feed lines from other vendors can also be affected. Check our homepage for notices of any large outages. If you are still "out" then call our customer care service. 1-800-922-6677

We assume if your Internet connection isn’t working you are viewing this on your phone.

First try Rebooting Your Router.

  • Unplug router power cord.
  • Wait 1 minute
  • Plug your router cord back in.
  • Try connecting to the Internet again. 
If rebooting your router doesn’t fix the issue contact a customer representative at 1-800-922-6677

This is common with wireless devices as most devices are unable to function at a full Gig currently. Most computers if newer can handle the 1 Gig speed if wired directly. The advantages of 1 Gig isn’t the speed to one device but rather the availability of speed to multiple devices running simultaneously.

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First, verify your login information is correct.

If you are still having trouble and need to reset, please contact a customer care team member at 1-800-922-6677

All wireless equipment within the home goes through a lifecycle and many of the router types should likely be replaced every 3 to 5 years depending on the level of use and need for the latest Wi-Fi strength and throughput. These devices also need to be updated on a regular basis to have the latest version of software which helps with the overall performance of the device. If they are not updated regularly the router will cause problems with connection and the stability of the overall service. Some updates involve security and could be susceptible to someone hacking your network if not kept up to date.

Now! Call 1-800-922-6677 to speak with a representative.

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