Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for Holiday Shopping

For most of us, the holiday season is about friends, family, food—and shopping! Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall just after Thanksgiving in the U.S., but internationally, they are two of the busiest shopping days of the year. Unfortunately, while you’re looking for holiday deals, the bad guys are looking for ways to scam you

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How to Get a $100 Bill Credit

  Do you have a story about how Endeavor has helped your household? Did you suffer from slow buffering speeds before Endeavor came? Constantly fighting the router to give you consistent and reliable internet? Did Endeavor change your experience? If you answered yes, then you are the perfect candidate to share your story for others

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Trusted Third Parties Used as Phish Bait

Working with a third-party organization can be a great help, but what happens if that third party falls victim to a cybersecurity attack? Not only could your organization’s shared data be exposed, but you may become the target of a very unique phishing attack. Once a scammer has access to a third party’s email account,

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Simple, yet Effective Vishing Scams

Voice phishing, or “Vishing”, is a phishing attack conducted by phone. This is a classic tactic that bad guys typically use to collect your credit card or financial data, along with other personal information. Here’s an example: You receive a call from someone claiming to be a customer service representative for a specific retailer. They

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