How to talk to kids about Bark

It’s easy for parents to get how Bark can help keep their kids safe. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean their kids will immediately understand the benefits of using our content monitoring, screen time management, and web filtering features. 

The best way to get your kids on board with Bark is to have an open conversation about why you think it’s important for them to use. Here are a few talking points to help get the conversation started: 

  • Bark can help keep kids safe by monitoring their social media accounts for signs of cyber bullying, inappropriate content, and more. 
  • Bark allows parents to NOT have to snoop through their kids devices and conversations. It actually builds trust and gives kids privacy by flagging areas of concern and alerting parents to possible issues. 
  • We also recommend sharing Bark’s parent testimonials and safety resources with your kids so they can see how Bark has helped other families just like theirs. 

Of course, every family is different, so tailor your conversation. 

Parents have to do everything they can to help protect their kids from digital dangers, and Bark lets them do exactly that. Here are some conversation starters for all three features of Bark. 


Raising Kids in the Digital Age Just Got Easier


Bark encourages families to have sensitive talks about what they’re seeing on the internet. Whether it’s a classmate threatening to bring a weapon to school, a friend self-harming, or viewing cyberbullying on Instagram, children must know how to react.

These discussions may be difficult, but they’re necessary.

At the end of the conversation, it’s a good idea to give your child time to explain how they feel about the situation — listen to them and be open. If you let them know that you care about their perspective and want to hear them out, that can reduce friction and help them adjust.

Whether you’re a parent of a preteen or a teenager, these conversation starters should help you get the ball rolling on discussing Bark with your kids. Trust is essential in any family relationship, and kids need to know that you’re not interested in reading their private thoughts or invade their privacy — you just want to keep them safe from digital dangers.

With Bark from Endeavor Communications, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are protected online without having to snoop through their devices or conversations. If you have any questions about how Bark works or would like more tips on talking to your kids about online safety, our team is always here to help.

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