Starting School . . . without Internet?

It’s the time of year where kids across the nation are strapping on their backpacks and running out the door. Back-to-school season has arrived! While lots of school systems have decided to go fully online for safety precautions, this has created problems for students with limited internet access. Endeavor is devoted to helping students make … Read more

Lag: The Enemy of Video-Gaming

Humans throughout all time have enjoyed the pleasures of entertainment. Live plays, comedy sketches, dazzling dance routines and the quiet stillness of a good book. Movies, orchestral concerts and visiting the zoo. But let’s not overlook one of the most popular and consistent of them all . . . video-gaming! Avid video gamers average a … Read more

Choices, Choices


It can be difficult to know which company is most personalized for you. And we know it can be intimidating to take the leap to choose something, hoping it’ll work. But rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities to find the right fit! Deloitte, a service network company, found 69% of people used one or … Read more

After Cutting the Cord


“I cut the cord and ditched cable . . . now what?” You’ve come to the right place! There are many roads to take after switching from cable to find something affordable and available. One of which is turning to streaming. “But what exactly is streaming?” According to an article on, streaming refers to … Read more

Customer Service Roadblocks


Imagine this: You start a new internship – one you’re excited to learn and grow from throughout the summer. At the same time, you’re in the process of moving to a different state, getting all your bills in order and transitioning to adulthood. The thing that grounds you is that life will eventually settle down. … Read more

What Success Takes


Transitions are scary. They can leave us in-between stages with little resources to make it through to the other side. The 2020 pandemic led to a transition that none of us were prepared for. One that left millions of people laid-off, fired, or rejected for hire altogether. While companies work to recover from of the … Read more

The Things We Need


“I’m hungry. I’m cold. I want to go home.” These are needs everyone understands. But what if there were other very-real necessities? An article by Government Technology claims internet access may now be as important as food and water. Rural health researchers are working to get internet access as an infrastructural service to provide telehealth … Read more

Faster Internet Is Coming

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