Lag: The Enemy of Video-Gaming

Humans throughout all time have enjoyed the pleasures of entertainment. Live plays, comedy sketches, dazzling dance routines and the quiet stillness of a good book. Movies, orchestral concerts and visiting the zoo.

But let’s not overlook one of the most popular and consistent of them all . . . video-gaming!

Avid video gamers average a total of 6.5 hours each week in front of a screen. With over 38% of those looking to become professionals, rapid-fire internet connection is essential.

But just how fast does the internet have to be for a video game hobby?

Allconnect, the #1 broadband marketplace in the nation, found that 30% of Americans are unsatisfied with slow internet issues, unstable connection and buffering.

One of their articles stated, “While many firms post gains this year, service is largely considered to be slow and unreliable, and competition is limited in many areas. Most internet service providers are still falling short of providing good service at an affordable price.”

The Federal Communications Commission recommends players have speeds between 12-25mbps.

According to Limelight Networks 2020 Online Gaming Report, 87% of gamers across the world are consistently frustrated with download speeds. Approximately 32% of those who participated in the study claimed downloading lag was their primary connection concern.

Suggestions for players to increase internet speed include: setting up a wired connection, moving closer to their router or resetting it, removing other devices from the broadband or switching providers all-together.

With Endeavor, you won’t have to consider these not-so-user-friendly options. What is the best way to go for gamers? Allconnect says, you guessed it . . . fiber internet!

There’s no need to switch between WiFis, test the current speed or worry about a buffer while streaming.

Endeavor is here to provide an avenue to transmit data between servers and devices at top-notch speeds. Ready to ditch your old provider’s lag and experience the best gaming yet? Email us at or call 1.800.922.6677 to get started!

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