Starting School . . . without Internet?

It’s the time of year where kids across the nation are strapping on their backpacks and running out the door. Back-to-school season has arrived!

While lots of school systems have decided to go fully online for safety precautions, this has created problems for students with limited internet access.

Endeavor is devoted to helping students make the most of the circumstances they’re in.

Here are some ways to make up for lacking Internet:

  1. Check out local venues!

Coffee shops and restaurants will likely have WiFi available. Find a cozy place to hang out for a few hours to turn in your homework.

  1. Work on things offline first.

Work spaces like Google Docs and others allow for offline use, where users can type their content without internet and upload later. This is a brilliant, easy solution for those without available connection!

  1. Write it out – on paper.

The wonderful thing about physical paper is that you don’t need technology! Try putting in the effort to write things out as much as you can before transferring it over online.

  1. Save those articles and webpages for later.

Plugins like Instapaper or the Pocket app allow anyone the chance to save entire articles and webpages to be accessed later . . . without the need for internet!

  1. Make use of PDFs and downloaded files.

Saving PDFs of webpages and the like will allow them to be saved directly to your desktop without hassle. These can also be moved to something like a USB flash drive and accessed when and where needed.

And don’t forget to check out Endeavor’s free WiFi hotspots around the local community!

While it can feel hopeless to not have regular internet access while in school, there are ways to make the situation work. Try these possibilities out and let us know what you think!

Want to take the plunge and get Endeavor’s high-speed internet? Contact us at 1.800.922.6677 or today to get set up!

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