Why Senior Citizens are Easy Targets for Scammers: Understanding the Psychology Behind Elder Fraud

Mature on phone

As technology advances, so do the ways that scammers try to take advantage of vulnerable populations. One group that is particularly susceptible to scams is senior citizens, who often fall victim to phone scams. Here are some reasons why senior citizens get scammed over the phone more than anyone else. Lack of technology literacy: Many … Read more

Fiber vs. Cellular Internet (5G/Wireless): Which is the Better Choice?


Consumers today face an abundance of choices for high-speed internet. Long gone are the days of dial-up only, as coaxial cable, DSL, and satellite internet are available far and wide. Fiber and cellular 5G/”wireless internet” are two other high-speed internet options you may consider. And since you’re already paying for a data plan with your … Read more

Faster Internet Is Coming

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