fastest in indiana

1st Fastest
Fiber Provider in Indiana

Ranked by an independent broadband evaluation company.

top speeds nationwide

1st Fastest
Internet Provider in Indiana analyzes data through research and speed tests.

fastest in indiana

Top Ten Fastest Fiber Provider

Ranked as high as 3rd in the USA for download speed. Nov 2018

top speeds nationwide

Top Internet Speeds

Based on multiple data sources. Confirmed by speed tests.


We will focus on continued excellence to provide great services and products. Thank you to all who have participated in making us the fastest provider under 50,000 customers in Indiana.

Darin LaCoursiere-President & CEO Tweet

Endeavor is a Smart Rural Community Participant. 

GB Cert

Endeavor is Certified by the NTCA as a Gig-Capable Provider. 


National winners of the NTCA Rural Ap Challenge from the Rural Broadband Association.  

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