Children and adults alike depend on a reliable internet connection with lightning-fast Gig Certspeeds. Endeavor has launched Speed Geeks Gigabit internet to maximize your online experience and get the fastest internet speeds available. Even in the most rural areas,  Endeavor E-FORCE  internet services enable you to enjoy online games, watch streaming videos, share family photos, research school projects, shop online and even chat on social networking sites—all from the comfort of your home.

You can even log on to the Endeavor website to pay your bill and learn about the latest promotions and community events.

You get the following when you sign up for any of our Internet Services:

  • Up to 5 email accounts
  • Up to 16GB email storage

Test your internet speed! Click here for Speed test 


Endeavor Communications - Internet ServiceEndeavor Communications - Internet ServiceEndeavor Communications - Internet ServiceEndeavor Communications - Internet Service
Up to 1,0000 Mbps*(download & upload speed)

Up to
100 Mbps* (download & upload speed)

Up to
50 Mbps* (download & upload speed)

Up to
25 Mbps* (download & upload speed)

Stream multiple movies & video clips - High level online gaming - Multiple device use - Upload large data files - Computer networking - Share images & movies on social networking sites - Video conferencing - Data storage and backupEmail - Download music & photos - Stream movies & TV clips - Online gaming - Multiple device use - Share images & movies on social networking sites

Fiber service is required  for service. Actual internet speeds may vary where available and are not guaranteed.

Online Computer Support

Having malware or virus issues? Have no fear. Endeavor is here with our new Tech Home online support product for your computer, tablet or mobile device. Click for more information. 

Email Support

Please take a moment and download your contacts and documents that may be stored under your Gmail account using the Google Takeout Tool.
You can read a copy of
the email we have sent out to all Email subscribers here.

If you currently use an email client program, you’ll need to ensure your accounts are using the settings described in the guides below; otherwise, you will not be able to send or receive email. The CD that we have distributed in the past will no longer setup your email correctly.

To configure your Email client, please refer to the documentation below.

Windows Live Android Phone
Windows Mail Entourage Mac
Outlook Express iPad
Outlook 2000 iPhone
Outlook 2003 Apple Mail
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2011 (Mac)


Fraudulent Emails and Internet Scams

Information on scams that use the Microsoft name


Self-Install Guide

How to Set Up the Endeavor High Speed Connection (PDF)


Internet Comparisons

Internet Speed Comparison




When deciding how to setup your Email client, Endeavor Communications recommends you use IMAP server settings instead of POP due to the large majority using multiple devices for Email. The following explains the differences between IMAP and POP.

(Internet Message Access Protocol) When you check your email with an IMAP connection, you are accessing and managing your email directly from the email server.
Following are some features of IMAP:

Access: Because emails are stored on the email server, you can access and manage your email and email folders from multiple computers or mobile devices.

Storage: If you have limited online storage space, you might need to delete some emails periodically to avoid exceeding your storage capacity.

Backup: Email is automatically backed up by the server and can be restored if a hardware failure occurs.

Internet connection: You must have an Internet connection to access your email. A local copy is typically available as a cached message.

(Post Office Protocol) When you check your email with a POP connection, new email messages are downloaded to your device and are then typically deleted from the email server.
Following are some features of POP:

Access: Because your email is stored on device that POP’s the account, you must be using the same device that initially received the email. No other devices will get the email once it is downloaded

Storage: You don’t need to worry about running out of online storage space. Because emails are downloaded to your computer, you can keep as many emails as your computer can store.

Backup: You should implement an effective backup system for your computer, in case you need to retrieve lost or deleted emails.

Internet connection: You must have an Internet connection to download your email, but you can view your downloaded email offline (that is, without an Internet connection).

What are the system requirements for Endeavor E-FORCE Internet Service?

DSL/Fiber service requires a Network Card:
Windows 2000
Pentium II 300Mhz or higher Processor
64 Mb of RAM or more
33.6 Kbps or faster Modem
At least 100 Mb Hard-Drive Space

Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
Pentium II Mhz or higher Processor
64 Mb of RAM or more
33.6 Kbps or faster Modem
At least 100 Mb Hard-Drive Space

Apple Macintosh Computers:
Mac Operating System 9.0 or higher
64 Mb of RAM or more
33.6 Kbps or faster Modem
At least 50 Mb of Free Hard-Drive Space

How Do I…

Set up Email account
To set up your email account please click here.

Set or Change my Homepage
Click here to add to your favorites
Click here to make your homepage

Restore Toolbars on IE 7
1. Right Click on the IE bar then left click on MENU.
2. Right click on the IE bar then left click on LINKS
3. Right click on the IE bar then left click on Lock The Toolbar.  That will restore IE 7 to the standard view.


Google Apps / E-Mail  FAQ

Why did we switch to a new provider?
Google has decided to no longer provide email services to any internet providers (ISP’s) such as Endeavor Communications.

Will my email address change?
No, your email addresses will stay the same (i.e. or

How do I configure e-mail on my mobile device iPAD, iPhone, etc.?
As we get closer to the conversion date specific information will be placed on Endeavor’s Web Site explaining the steps to set email on mobile devices.

What web browsers can I use with the new platform?
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Can I use an email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird to read my email?
Absolutely! Endeavor will post instructions on our web site explaining how to set up your PC using Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

Will we still have spam and virus filtering?
Yes, both will be supported on the new product.

Will any services tied to Google App’s suite be supported on the new platform?
No, the only service supported is email. Google has a takeout tool that will be made available to migrate services out of the Google application. This will be placed on Endeavors web site as we move forward with the conversion. Google Takeout Tool

What will I have to do?
The settings on your PC and mobile devices will need to be changed to direct mail to the new email server.

Can we have our Email set up before the July 30th conversion date?
Yes, Information will be e-mailed out on July 22 explaining the steps required accomplish this task.