Meet Us at the Fair

Live from the Fair! Check out our booth and live coverage at the upcoming fairs; Hendricks, Putnam, and Morgan County.

Endeavor Communications will be streaming coverage of the Hendricks County Fair and the Putnam County Fair. We will be broadcasting the events in the Farm Bureau Indoor Arena at Putnam County and the NSSB Arena at the Hendricks County Fair. You can relive the excitement of the day, watch your group compete when you are at another activity, or enjoy the fair on a day you may not be able to attend.

7/14 to 7/20 Hendricks County

7/19 to 7/26 Putnam County

Walking around the fair and want to check out the arena’s activities? Pop onto your phone. Type in and click the link.  Use your phone like you are the camera. Move your phone and see a full view of the venue.

Have fun watching the goats, the cows, and the wonderful competitors easily as we will be providing free wifi.

Have more fun! Powered by Endeavor.

Endeavor Front Lobby is closed until further notice. Call us if you need assistance 1-800-922-6677.
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