Pandemics Won’t Stop Us

Coronavirus has left many of us confused, upset, and tired.

Quarantine lasted so long that we aren’t sure how to interact with others – what do you mean we can’t shake hands?!

When the pandemic hit the States back in March, every organization needed to act quickly and implement a plan to work within a new reality. Whether a business was able to gather resources in good time led to their ultimate success or downfall.

All of us at Endeavor have learned many valuable lessons throughout the past few months of coronavirus as well.

Here are some of the key takeaways Endeavor has found to be true.

  1. Adaptability is key.

We believe that companies dedicated to their customers and their business mission will do what they can to make every circumstance worthwhile. Having a crisis plan is necessary to respond in the most positive and prepared way possible. At Endeavor, we meet together regularly to stay up to date on the constant changes our organization makes. We want to be as prompt to know and take action on what our society needs and requires!

  1. Human interaction is a necessity.

It is no luxury to meet with coworkers or family and friends. We need each other – now more than ever! Even with the increased disruption of distance, Endeavor employees have been intentional to connect online daily – not only to work together, but to check in personally. We want to take time to listen and support each other during difficult times. While many have chosen to work remotely, we are eager to meet with each other when possible. Our family culture helps us be our best – in and out of the office!

  1. Community investment is essential.

Local businesses cannot survive without the consistent revenue and marketing that residents supply. Unfortunately, many small businesses haven’t been able to stay afloat during the shutdown and restrictions of social distancing. Endeavor is proud to focus on finding ways to make local businesses not just get by, but thrive! Check out our “Committed to Community” post to learn more about ways we give back to our citizens.

  1. Internet connection is vital.

I think we’d all agree that online service is how the world works in this day and age. With the season of social distancing, having a stable internet connection was the only avenue for getting information. Without Internet, it would’ve almost been impossible to get global coronavirus updates, keep in-touch with family and friends, and learn how to stay healthy and safe. Endeavor’s at-home fiber optics will solidify the connection it takes to link you with everything you need to know.

  1. Make time for self-care.

With the stress of normal, everyday life, it’s not uncommon to forget to take care of ourselves in some areas. Yes, I’m assuming you’re still showering and brushing your teeth and sleeping some . . . I’d be very concerned if not! The never-ending pursuit of productivity can leave us disconnected from emotional well-being and mental health. Psychologists recommend scheduling regular blocks of time to be creative, journal, exercise, and meet with friends.  Working from home can cause a blurred line between work-life balance – be intentional to set aside the to-do list and connect with yourself!

Endeavor has been striving to take initiative at corporate levels as well.

Jane Nelson, CEO of International Finance Corporation, was recently interviewed about her outlook on how businesses have handled the pandemic. One question asked how leaders can model responsible practices for their peers and coworkers.

“The first and foremost thing they can do is lead through demonstration. This is a time where your business has to be able to demonstrate that the company is serious about the growing conversation around “stakeholder capitalism” – the idea that stakeholders, such as employees, consumers, suppliers, other business partners and communities, are as important as shareholders in managing shared risks and creating and sustaining shared value,” Nelson said.

Every Endeavor leader has devoted to doing what is best for all employees while making innovative decisions to serve customers with the same, if not more, passion as prior to coronavirus.

“Leading with empathy and a sense of connection with employees, business and community partners, and customers is key, despite physical distancing requirements – as is acknowledging that no one has all the answers.”

Nelson described that large-scale corporate leaders, such as Unilever, P&G and Coca-Cola have taken action to provide customers and employees with health information and resources. 

Another question asked how companies are balancing the short-term needs of this time with their long-term goals.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is arguably highlighting more than ever before the tensions between the need to meet both shareholder and other stakeholder needs, manage both financial and non-financial goals, and balance both short-term and long-term imperatives,” Nelson replied.

Our company has found success throughout the time of social distancing by transferring many to remote work, continuing offered services as usual, and collaborating on next steps for each new circumstance. We are fortunate to be a part of one of Indiana’s best communities who support our mission and products so well!

Call us today at 1.800.922.6677 or email to endeavor with us!

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