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There are a variety of reason we may need to “locate” cable in your yard. We may be helping another utility know where our lines are or we are identifying other utilities before installing your new Internet utility. We are obligated by state law to locate lines within two working days (not including holidays or weekends) by calling in to Indiana 811.

Gigabit internet is the next generation of broadband internet service which Endeavor delivers
over fiber optic lines and provides speeds of 1,000Mbps, which is also referred to as “1 Gbps” or
“Gigabit” internet. To be clear, this is the speed of the WAN connection provided from Endeavor
to your house, not just the Gigabit Ethernet run over the Cat5e or Cat6 within the home. What
this means to our customers is that they’ll have an internet connection that is 100 times faster
than today’s average broadband service!

Why do you need Gigabit internet has multiple answers but the number one reason is that you
can do everything you do online now, but a lot more of it, and faster. All your usual web
browsing, and streaming will be supported, but with higher speeds and less congestion on your
home network meaning you can connect several more devices without causing a slowdown in

Several reasons exist as to why you may not have service, these include:

1. Have you signed up
for service? If no, you will need to sign up at or contact your local sales
representative. If yes, it could be that you signed up later than your neighbor and our crews have left the area. We try to place the drops in the order that we receive them.

2. Endeavor may not
be able to get in contact with you. Before we place your drop we will meet with you to discuss
placement of the cable and entrance of the cable on your home. You are always welcome to
contact one of our engineers to get an update on your location.

We wish we could tell you exactly when or if we are coming to your area but unlike companies that promise and don’t deliver, we want to honestly let you know, our plans are based on you. That’s right. You and your neighbors help bring us to your area by expressing high interest and registering it on our website. If your area reaches the goal set then we will look at the engineering phase of development to see if we can move your area along.

Building a fiber Internet utility system that never existed before has phases that take planning, engineering, construction, and connecting. To reach you the first phase is having enough interest in your area. To get a full explanation go to our website (join.weendeavor) and see (site page here), register your interest.

If you wish to keep your current number, it can take about 10 business days to get your current provider to release your number to Endeavor.

Information on a current phone bill helps us get required authorization from your current provider to move your number to us.

Thank you for your interest. The join.weEndeavor site registers interest. To get your neighborhood/street/or area to be on our potential list of builds, there has to be more interest.

Several reasons can apply to why we are unable to serve an area, neighborhood, street, or customer. First, not enough interest in the right locations to spend the capital investment to build to that address. Second, natural obstacles like rock formations, right of ways, permitting issues. Third, competition that can offer services that make it difficult for Endeavor to offer our premium services and products. Primarily it is the first, lack of enough interest.

Each area will vary. General updates are emailed to you from You can learn about how the process works etc.

Your yard is a priority to us. Dry soil is the key to being able to do final cleanup. Think of this, if the farmers are in their fields and if temps are dry and over 55 (grass can grow) we’ll be smoothing things out. If an issue arises, call our 1-855-Fix-Yard Priority Crew hotline to get our crew to fix any concerns.

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