Speed Geek Apprentice Help

Technical Difficulties? We're Here To Help! and Yes, It's Free.

Stuck? Not sure how to load your email, use your phone or computer? Streaming got you confused? 

Start here. Our national award winning Apprentice Speed Geeks are ready to help. 

Get access to full time Speed Geek Techs that train the apprentices. 


Every Second Thursday, 4 - 6pm

Tech Tough

No Problem!

Tech Talk

We speak your language.


Avoid "new" headaches.

Free Fun

Join the team. Get with friends who "get" you. Join in new activities while building your resume.


Speed Geeks volunteer in other functions at Endeavor, like our Fun Fest & Fair Streaming.

Rural is Cool

Nationally recognized for developing an App. Assist people getting help to use tech devices in rural areas.

Are You Speedy? A Bit Geeky? Join Our Team!

Have a blast with fellow tech friends. Why wait for college to get experience in technical problem solving and public relation skills? Applications are accepted year round but only a limited amount of students can be accepted for each fall term. 

Two locations: Cloverdale & Danville. 

Do you have the desire to learn? Do you work well with others? Apply now.

Endeavor Front Lobby will be temporarily closed until July 6th, 2020. Please give us a call at 1-800-922-6677 or email at customer.service@weendeavor.com
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