6 YouTube Videos to Watch With Your Family

One of the best things about the age of streaming is the amount of free content available at your fingertips. All you need is your favorite device and, of course, fast and reliable internet from Endeavor Communications, and you’ve got hours of entertaining and educational videos for the whole family.


Here are a few of our favorites:

Four-Legged Fun

If you’re tired of waking up to chewed bedroom slippers and suspicious wet spots on the carpet, it’s time for a professional dog trainer. But don’t grab your wallet yet. You can teach your pup a few new tricks right from the living room for free. Whether you want to train your furry friend to high five or just instill discipline, Zak George Dog Training Revolution videos break down how you can improve your dog’s behavior step-by-step.


Puppy Prep is an adorable YouTube series following a troop of dogs in training as they work to graduate from service dog school. Each pup faces unique challenges when learning how to retrieve objects, sit, heel, and ignore the cat when it would be so much more fun to chase it.

Get in the Kitchen

From unicorn cakes to mustache cookies, Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies specializes in making baked goods inspired by pop culture, sci-fi, and cartoons. Kids love seeing their favorite shows highlighted on a baking show, while parents get inspiration for their next themed birthday party.

Similar to Nerdy Nummies, Feast of Fiction takes its inspiration from movies and cartoons to create delicious treats and meals, but with a twist. Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams look for foods created within the show itself and then make them into reality. Your kids will love watching the duo make The Princess and the Frog gumbo or Jake’s bacon pancakes in Adventure Time. Viewer alert:, your kids may want to try it themselves.

For Young Scientists

Tired of answering a billion questions a day? It’s Okay to Be Smart, produced by Joe Hanson, Ph.D., has all the answers. Where do teeth come from? Why does February only have 28 days? Did the dinosaurs really go extinct? With different subsections for biology, outer space, and food science, you’re sure to find a category that answers your little ones’ questions and engages their interests.

Encourage your child’s love of learning with kid-friendly, educational videos like Crash Course Kids. Each episode explains scientific subjects such as earth science and engineering, using cartoons and pop culture references to make them easy to understand.

There is no shortage of free engaging content online. Streaming opens the door for your family to enjoy all kinds of content at a moment’s notice.

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