Fiber vs. Cellular Internet (5G/Wireless): Which is the Better Choice?


Consumers today face an abundance of choices for high-speed internet. Long gone are the days of dial-up only, as coaxial cable, DSL, and satellite internet are available far and wide. Fiber and cellular 5G/”wireless internet” are two other high-speed internet options you may consider. And since you’re already paying for a data plan with your … Read more

Avoiding Online Scams


It’s almost holiday time again! Internet fraudsters are coming out in droves to take advantage of the seasonal uptick in web traffic and online spending. According to, a staggering 71 percent of Americans plan to do most of their Christmas shopping online, which means scammers are ramping up for a field day. Be sure … Read more

Smart Thermostats for Summer Savings


Summer brings long days of sunlight for outdoor fun, vacations at the beach or lake, and time for afternoon lounging. But summer also brings blazing hot temperatures and humidity, which mean increased energy costs. Since inflation is creeping into almost every corner of our lives and prices are staying high with little relief, families need … Read more

Kid-Friendly Tablets for Learning and Fun


While most kids can’t wait for the summer holiday off from school and studying, we know most parents are…less excited about it. And parents can downright dread the infamous “summer slide”—the inevitable drop-off of learning progress that comes from their child’s lengthy time away from the daily school learning structure.   Thankfully, technology can help … Read more

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Online Activity


Every parent laments the inordinate amounts of time their kids spend in front of their screens and on their phones. From scrolling through social media posts to sharing YouTube and TikTok videos, to seemingly endless threads of chat, text, and email messages, it can feel like there’s a never-ending flurry of online activity.   So, … Read more

Why We Use Temporary Drops for Winter Installations

We know the wait for fiber internet installation can be tough. After all, you are on the verge of having fast, reliable broadband fiber internet from Endeavor Communications, and all the best streaming entertainment the web has to offer.   Winter adds to the technical challenges of fiber installation. Frozen grounds, shorter days with less … Read more

5 Streaming Sites for Serious Sports Fans


Fast, reliable internet from Endeavor Communications can ensure the serious sports fan in your house never misses out on the action. Along with traditional broadcast channels like ESPN and the major networks, there is now a growing list of streaming-only services that carry almost any sport you can imagine from nearly anywhere on the globe. … Read more

Create Your Perfect Streaming Setup


Ready to boost your internet speed with Endeavor Communications and leave video buffering behind for good? It will open up a whole new world of streaming possibilities that can complement your existing cable package or let you cut the cord entirely.   But which streaming set-up is right for you? The many choices can be … Read more

Free Alternatives to Streaming Movies


Have you spent the past year working through every title on Netflix? If you’re bored with your current streaming service, it might be time to switch things up. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free alternative streaming services for all your entertainment needs.   The best part of these services is that you don’t … Read more

Streaming Music Services: Which One is Right for You?


Streaming music services offer unlimited access to millions of songs with playlists customized to your personal tastes. Most services offer a free listening option with intermittent ads, but for a fee, some services allow you to store ad-free music offline to play on multiple devices in your home. Although you don’t own the music, the … Read more

Faster Internet Is Coming

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