Choices, Choices

It can be difficult to know which company is most personalized for you. And we know it can be intimidating to take the leap to choose something, hoping it’ll work.

But rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities to find the right fit!

Deloitte, a service network company, found 69% of people used one or more video streaming services, while 29% used free platform access and 46% paid for one or more services alongside a free platform.

Here are some free platforms to check out:

IMDb TV – A wide range of original content, movies, shows, and more

Apple TV+ – Get your first year free with a small cost after, includes The Morning Show, Oprah’s Book Club, and other high-profile content

The Roku Channel – Includes movies such as The Shining and Ordinary People

Tubi – A collection of works from Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Lionsgate, Warner Bros., and more

Pluto TV – Hosts 200+ channels and on-demand classic movies

Kanopy – Subscribes to a modern audience with global hits, free with registering your library card

“How are these free?”

These companies offer their customers free access to content by advertising. Throughout your show or movie, you may find it paused occasionally to let advertisers, who sponsor the platform, get their message across.

While no one wants to wait for ads to interrupt, they are a small price to pay in order to view hundreds of possibilities for free!

Or investigate these paid-for platforms:

YouTube – Rent or buy the movie of your choice, including Aladdin and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Amazon Prime – Choose to subscribe to a variety of cable channels, watch shows, and view movies

Netflix – The most well-known video platform, content such as Parks & Recreation and The Good Place, along with many movie options

Hulu – Browse a wide array of movies and shows such as Modern Family or Grey’s Anatomy, or watch live sporting events

Disney+ – Watch Disney classics like The Lion King or Cinderella, or choose Star Wars or National Geographic shows

“What is the appeal of paying for a streaming platform?”

Well for one, no ads! You can watch an entire season of your show without waiting for that silly commercial to pass. That’s pretty neat.

Along with no ads sneaking their way into your view, you’ll find a wider array of content to choose from with new things regularly added! It’s a small price to pay for what you’d be getting in return.

And not to mention . . . much cheaper than that cable bill you just got rid of!

Before choosing a streaming service, make sure you’re set up with internet connection that won’t let you down. Contact your Endeavor team at or 1.800.922.6677 to get started today!

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