Customer Service Roadblocks

Imagine this: You start a new internship – one you’re excited to learn and grow from throughout the summer.

At the same time, you’re in the process of moving to a different state, getting all your bills in order and transitioning to adulthood. The thing that grounds you is that life will eventually settle down. Hopefully.

You get all your boxes in the new place and go to the grocery store to stock the empty fridge.

The kittens are running wild and making a mess of your already not-put-together space.

But wait . . . all the while you’ve been using your phone data!

You’ve turned it on to drive to the supermarket for bread and eggs, find your way to the office, and to hop on those Zooms at home.

Your Internet provider tells you they’re coming in two weeks to set up connection. They don’t show up, so you call and call and leave message after message.

There’s now 40% remaining data with 20 days left —

Ah! You’ve finally gotten in touch with a customer service representative! What . . . now they can’t come for another week? How long does it take to hook up a router?!

You’re at 23% with 11 days left.

You give them a deadline of a few more days or you will be switching providers.

How have you been working remotely all this time without WiFi?

Three words: Local. Coffee. Shops.

And with COVID-19, it’s been difficult to find a place that allows you to stay all day long while appropriately social distancing.

This was the first month or so of my remote internship experience. Life transitions are hard enough as they are, but without WiFi I had to get increasingly creative to find connection.

If I would’ve had Endeavor’s lightning-fast broadband, the Internet would’ve been at my fingertips without repercussions. I wouldn’t have had to drive to a parking lot in order to save my work over WiFi. 

Endeavor’s service would’ve allowed me to work at the kitchen table – without a second thought!

With Endeavor’s consistent customer service, I wouldn’t have to worry about a prompt response to any Internet issue.

Feeling as though you’ve had similar frustrations with your current provider? Switch to Endeavor today to experience top-notch customer service with the fastest internet yet. Call us today at 1.800.922.6677 or email!

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