Endeavor Contributes to Virtual Fair Experience 

COVID-19 has disrupted every area of normal lifeBusinesses closed for weeks on end, concerts were cancelled, and family celebrations postponed indefinitely. 

Along with impacts on our everyday lives, social distancing measures have affected how Endeavor will work with the Putnam and Hendricks County FairsWe knew these events were going to look different this time around and we wanted to help keep them as normal as possible. 

So, to allow family and friends the opportunity to view exhibits, livestock shows and static projects, we will send a team of employees to record maneventsA livestream recording of the events will be available starting at the scheduled time and can be viewed afterward. Depending on technological circumstances, livestreams may not be possible, in which a recording will be posted shortly after!

Simply go to our website www.weendeavor.com and click on the fair button for access. The videos are also accessible through both fair websitessocial media platforms, and our local Endeavor TV channel 3 

While we usually aid filming the events in the main arenas, this year will be much more robustWe will be filming many small animalshorse, and pony, as well as featuring projects in the community building 

Even among the complications COVID-19 has caused organizations, families and communities, Endeavor Communications is dedicated to making local events as special as ever. Partnering with the 4H JunioLeaders, Putnam County Fair & Board, Hendricks County Fair & Board, and Purdue Extension will ensure that these fairs run smoothly. We are fortunate to have such excellent groups to collaborate with 

With our easily accessible viewing options, you will not miss anything! Join us in supporting the Putnam and Hendricks County Fairs this year by logging on. 

Still have questions? Connect with us through email at customer.service@weendeavor.com.

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