Take Time, Take Care


We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. It’s exhausting, it’s persistent, and it comes at just the wrong time . . . burnout. Helpguide.org defines burnout as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” This happens when we’re feeling overwhelmed and helpless to meet the requirements … Read more

Putting All the Eggs in the Same Basket


The 2000s changed a lot of things. We collectively decided that the fashion sense of the previous decades were irrelevant and horrid. Pop music dominated while boy bands took over. And cheesy transitional montages started plaguing our movies. Technology rapid morphed in every area with the turn of the century as well. Mobile phones, expanding … Read more

Scam of the Week: Supermarket Spoofs


Grocery delivery services have been quite popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. These services help support social distancing, reduce the number of shoppers in each store, and allow at-risk patrons to safely buy essential items. Unfortunately, the popularity of these delivery services has caught the attention of cybercriminals. The bad guys are now spoofing supermarkets that … Read more

“Why do Farmers Need the Internet?”


If you asked a person who has lived their whole life in an urban area about the country, they may have preconceived ideas about what it’s like.  Maybe they’ll say its full of tractors and southern accents, or that there’s nothing but corn and wheat and smells like manure everywhere.  Maybe they’ll just chuckle in … Read more

Scam of the Week: Massive Excel Phishing Attack


Microsoft has reported a massive phishing campaign that uses an Excel attachment as bait. The phishing email looks like it is from the Coronavirus Research Center of John Hopkins University–a well known medical organization in the US. The email includes an Excel attachment that is disguised as an updated list of Coronavirus-related deaths, but the … Read more

Scam of the Week: Malicious Zoom Installer


Whether you’re working from home or trying to stay in touch with loved ones, video conferencing apps like Zoom are becoming the new normal. Cybercriminals have exploited this type of application before, but their latest scam may be the trickiest yet. Scammers are sending out phishing emails with links to download the latest version of … Read more

Scam of the Week: Phony COVID-19 Tracking


Countries around the world are developing COVID-19 tracking applications for mobile devices. These apps use digital tracking to help identify and notify users who have been in contact with someone diagnosed with the virus. Only a handful of countries have released this kind of app to the public, but cybercriminals are already using them as … Read more

Are we there yet?

service with truck 900x500

Long trips typically beg the question, “are we there yet?” In bringing fiber to your area we hear, “when will we get service?” Fiber, it’s all the talk of the town. Your neighbor may brag about their new Endeavor giga-bit service. Yet, how do you get the Internet for your company or residence? This is … Read more

Faster Internet Is Coming

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